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DermNet New Zealand is owned by the DermNet New Zealand Trust. Our website혻presents혻authoritative facts about the skin for consumers and health professionals in New Zealand and throughout the world. We include hundreds of illustrated topics about skin diseases and conditions, dermatopathology, treatments and혻procedures. We also have continuing medical education pages and quizzes. Join DermNet NZ's Facebook account and follow us on Twitter.

Our information is written and reviewed by dermatologists, other health professionals and medical writers. Access to DermNet NZ is free via the internet. Do you want to help?

In August 2016, we upgraded to a mobile-responsive, SilverStripe driven content management system with improved keyword search capability, mouse-over definitions of dermatological terms, and other improvements. Development was in partnership with혻Room9.

Associate Professor Amanda Oakley, Dermatologist, Website Manager, and Chief Editor, DermNet NZ
10 August 2016


Dr Amanda Oakley (centre, below) was honoured for developing DermNet NZ by Women's Dermatologic Society, 7 June 2015, where she received the prestigious WDS Pioneer Award at the World Congress of Dermatology in Vancouver, Canada from WDS President Dr Kathleen Hectorne (left) and International Affairs Chair, Dr Rashmi Sarkar (right). On 6 November 2015, she was awarded Honorary Membership by MelNet New Zealand.

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DermNet New Zealand Trust

The DermNet New Zealand Trust is incorporated by New Zealand Companies Office, Certificate of Incorporation number 2591483. It is a registered Charity, Registration Number CC50036. The affairs of the DermNet New Zealand Trust are run by its Trustees.


Chairperson:혻Dr Marius Rademaker
Honorary Associate Professor, Waikato Clinical Campus, University of Auckland
Clinical Director,혻Dermatology, Waikato District Health Board

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Website Manager:혻Dr Amanda Oakley
Honorary Associate Professor, Waikato Clinical Campus, University of Auckland, and혻Dermatologist, Waikato District Health Board혻

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Secretary:혻Dr Anthony Yung
Dermatologist, Waikato District Health Board

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Treasurer: Dr Sandra Winhoven
Dermatologist, Skin Centre Tauranga

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History of DermNet NZ

DermNet NZ was originally launched in March 1996 as the website of the New Zealand Dermatological Society Incorporated (NZDS). The DermNet New Zealand Trust took over management of the website in October 2013.

The story began with a lunchtime presentation about the Internet in September 1995, at the NZDS annual meeting. The event was sponsored by Schering AG and described a demonstration site, DermNet.org.nz. The DermNet Development Group was born: Dr Duffill, Dr Oakley, Dr Rademaker, Dr Birchall and Dr Baird set to work to create an authoritative online resource?봞 sort of public library.

Before long, we employed a summer student to upload Waikato Hospital Department of Dermatology information sheets for patients (written by DermNet's inaugural Chairperson, Dr Mark Duffill) and to scan hundreds of transparency slides to illustrate them. Over time it became clear that we needed to change our focus to health professionals, who were looking for up-to-date quick summaries for their own needs, as well as to print out information pages for their patients.

It's been great fun over the last 20 years overseeing the development of the world's most popular dermatology resource, loved by dermatologists, primary care physicians, students and patients. It has been our passion to steadily expand the number of topics, adding continuing medical education topics in 2005, and beginning a dermatopathology library in 2010. We have enjoyed helping medical students and dermatology trainees publish their first articles. Many are based in New Zealand, but others have contributed from UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Mexico, Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Most have been volunteers, but we have also employed some professional writers from time to time. We have enhanced our social media presence on Twitter and Facebook in 2016, with the help of New Zealand dermatologist, Dr Victoria Scott-Lang.

Thanks very much to our corporate and individual sponsors and advertisers; without your help, we would never have achieved our aims.

The future for DermNet NZ

So what's next? We have upgraded to a content management system in 2016, to make the editorial team's work easier, with a responsive system to please our mobile readers (and Google's algorithms). Next up, we'll add a dermatoscopy atlas. Watch out for an electronic and print book, based on DermNet New Zealand's most popular topic pages. We are consolidating our partnership with Waikato District Health Board.

Sadly, developing the site costs money: we'll be running donation drives??a href="../donate/index.html">please give generously?봞nd we'll be expanding our advertising portfolio. Our thousands of clinical images are very frequently used in presentations, journal articles, posters, smartphone apps, websites and blogs; we are planning an online image shop, to streamline purchases of DermNet NZ and Waikato DHB's unwatermarked dermatology clinical images at various resolutions.

Do you want to help?

Please let us know if you want to help with DermNet NZ's development or if you can provide us with fully consented clinical images.

Editorial policy

혻DermNet NZ aims: 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻혻 혻 혻 혻

We use a British English dictionary. Often, we add American spelling to key words and phrases for clarity.

Despite the best of intentions, we may include content that is incorrect, out of date, or inappropriate for the individual concerned. Our information should not be used to replace consultation with a dermatologist or other experienced health provider. We use Google's translation service to broaden access to non-English readers, but we are conscious that it's not always accurate.

For in-depth information about individual skin diseases, refer to Medscape Reference Dermatology Articles or one of the major conventional published references. You can buy your books?봞nd anything else you need?봳hrough our Amazon store.


Images have been supplied by Assoc Prof Amanda Oakley, Waikato District Health Board, Dr Professor Raimo Suhonen (Finland), members of the NZDSI, or as otherwise noted.


DermNet NZ may access content from other organisations, when these are consistent with our editorial policy.

We include RSS skin care news feeds from eMaxHealth and Medical News Today. Our Twitter feed includes announcements of online articles published by Australasian Journal of Dermatology.


DermNet NZ is funded by donations, advertising, non-directed sponsorship혻and image licensing.

DermNet NZ's visitors

The website has been hosted on MediaTemple.net servers since March 2004. Since 2012, we have welcomed more than one million visitors viewing more than three million pages of dermatology topics each month. Mobile traffic is an exciting new trend extending our reach to all parts of the world.혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻 혻

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